All about web development

Web development is the skill of creating a website. It includes web designing, web publishing, web programming, database management.

Web: It refers to the websites, web pages or anything that works on internet.

Development: It refers to building a website from scratch.

web development can be classified into three parts.

  1. UI developer
  2. Frontend developer
  3. Backend developer
  4. UI developer:
    UI stands for user interface. UI developers are the developer who builds layouts of the front part of a website where users interact with the website, including buttons, displays.
  5. Frontend developer:
    A frontend developer builds the front portion of a website, where a user can see and interact with the website. The web languages which are used to create the front part of a website are HTML, CSS and Javascript. If someone wants to create a website then they hire a frontend developer who creates the layout of the website.
  6. Backend developer:
    Backend is the backbone of a website. The experts who build the backend of a website are known as Backend developers. They gives the functionality on a website. They are the experts who maintain the security, database, server and other mechanisms of a website.

Full stack developer:
Who knows UI, frontend and backend development are known as full stack web developer.