We at Thinqloud help organizations in turning business needs and ideas into reality. Our team has experience in building business solutions using Salesforce® products and technologies. We also have the experience of building large enterprise cloud-based software products over the years in various vertical markets..

As your Web Development Company in Aurangabad, we assure you that our services go beyond creating websites and developing highly responsive web applications.

We also have the experience of building integrations with custom implementations and third-party systems. Integration is a key strength. We have extensive experience of integrating various systems with Salesforce using SOAP, REST, BULK and MetaData APIs.

Developing software applications

Products On Salesforce®



Our business team and technology architects communicate with the clients to understand the key requirements and formulate a customised product development strategy.


Product Design & Development

We architect, design and develop your Salesforce® product to be App Exchange-ready — that includes ideation, planning, execution, and delivery


Product Lifecycle Roadmap

We review your existing configuration and work with your team to obtain a complete understanding of your business needs or that of your customers. We can be a great sounding board.


Reduced Time To Market

Our team strength helps reduce the time taken to bring products to market. We can scale up and down pretty quickly and this gives you a good delivery team for a burst project.


Experts In Building MVPs

We at Thinqloud believe in building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).Our focus is on building well-designed MVPs that are easy to scale commercially.


Full Product Testing Cycle

We offer testing across various layers of the product. Our team performs various types of testing including usability, performance and security testing in Agile Development Model.


Product Maintenance & Support

The best way to start this is by outsourcing just support to us. This could be L1/L2 application support. We are sure this would lead to product enhancement functionality that you may want be involved with.