As a leading provider of SAP solutions, we specialize in delivering comprehensive services that transcend the boundaries of traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Renowned for innovation, efficiency, and scalability, SAP is a cornerstone in driving business growth and success.

With our headquarters situated in Aurangabad, we intimately grasp the distinct challenges confronting businesses within today's fiercely competitive landscape. Our suite of SAP solutions is meticulously crafted to streamline operations, optimize processes, and catalyze digital transformation across diverse industries.


  • GST ASP Register
  • GST Supplier TDS Report
  • GST Purchase Register
  • Purchase Price Trend
  • GST Asset Purchase Register
  • Vendor Rate Revision Supplementary Bills
  • Auto Bill Passing – With Material, Labor Charge, Combine, Service Invoices, Account Assignment, Assets Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Price History
  • Supplier Collaboration Portal
  • Consumption based MRP
  • Intercompany Purchase
  • Auto Short close Purchase SA Schedule
  • Subcontracting Collective Invoice Bill Passing


  • Inventory Valuation
  • Inventory Aging
  • Consumable Reservation
  • Physical Inventory
  • Subcontracting Material Reconciliation on quantity and challan basis
  • Customer Job work Goods Receipt Automation Customer
  • Job work Material reconciliation
  • Subcontracting Aging
  • Material Serial Number Management
  • Consignment Processing – Oil and Petrol
  • Rejection Report
  • Shortage Report via Email
  • 122 – Vendor Return
  • 161 – PO Return


  • Inbound Logistics Process Automation
  • Sales Invoice Automation
  • Returnable Challan
  • Outbound Logistics Process Automation
  • Transport Billing Automation
  • Bulk E-way Bill Generation
  • Inventory Barcoding
  • Returnable Material Packaging
  • End to End Material Traceability
  • Vendor Bill to Ship to Process Automation
  • Direct Delivery to Customer from other location FG Material
  • Subcon Outward Dispatch Automation
  • Subcon Inward Receipt Auto Challan Mapping
  • Subcon Vendor Bill to Ship to
  • Loading Slip using Barcode

PROD Planning

  • Bulk Production Confirmation
  • Cost of Goods Issue (COGI)
  • Auto TECHO of Production Orders
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Repetitive Manufacturing
  • IOT – Load Cell Integration
  • Automated Goods Issue in Production Order for correct consumption


  • Digital Signature
  • GST Sales Register
  • GST ASP Register
  • Customer Rate Revision Supplementary Invoice
  • Sales Price History
  • Sales Price Trend
  • Value Addition Report
  • Rate Amendment – Child Part Impact Analysis
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Customer Invoice Acknowledgement Automation
  • QR Code for Invoice
  • Depot Invoice


  • Debtor Aging
  • Creditor Aging
  • Customer Payment
  • Vendor Payment
  • Auto Payment Advise
  • GSTR2 Reconciliation
  • Pending GRIR Reconciliation
  • Bank Statement Reconciling
  • Bank Position Report
  • Fund Management
  • GST ITC Report
  • Pay slip Personalized Password Protected PDF Files
  • Revenue by Customer
  • Expenditure by Supplier
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Budget Vs Actual
  • Income Statement
  • Digital Signature
  • Asset Depreciation
  • Document Barcode
  • Finance System Audit